Latest projects

Advertising Campaign

How my skills in climbing and sailing elevated the production value for the outdoor brand Vaude.

Promotional Film

Embark on a culinary journey with our promotional film for the high-end catering service, „Feasts of Eden“.

Event Aftermovie

Join the exhilarating experience as part of the aftermovie crew at some of the most iconic festivals.

Promotional Film

Dive into the depths with our profile film featuring the extraordinary athlete, Fabio Tunno, a world class freediver.

Commercial production

Unleash brand stories that captivate. Our team crafts compelling commercials, spotlighting your message on the big stage for a memorable brand experience.

Film production

Embark on cinematic journeys. We breathe life into ideas, creating moving visuals that immerse audiences in emotional narratives. Cinematic quality ensures your vision shines on the big screen.

Social Media Content

Elevate your presence with scroll-stopping visuals. We design Social Media Content that stands out and authentically showcases your brand, boosting engagement.


Refine stories for the wow-factor. Our precise editing adds polished perfection, ensuring your narrative flows seamlessly with captivating rhythm and impact.

Aerial Footage

Soar to new heights with our Aerial Footage expertise. Holding all necessary licenses, to ensure a legal and compliant approach, guaranteeing versatility and precision in every aerial shot.

Camera Assistance

Offering technical proficiency in lighting, focus pulling, and camera assistance, to guarantee your production receives shots that are not only visually striking but also technically flawless.