Embark on a visual journey with our promotional film for the travel agency „Abidays.“ Over the course of 10 days, we explored the picturesque coast of Spain, capturing moments that would become the focal points of the company’s promotional content.

The centerpiece of our project was a captivating 4-minute aftermovie, providing viewers with a glimpse into the immersive experiences offered by Abidays, boosting their sales by over 30%. Beyond the film, we crafted stunning photos that encapsulated the essence of the coastal adventure.

Our creative endeavors extended to the digital realm, producing shorter social media clips for quick engagement. To elevate the online presence, we also generated 360-degree content for interactive giveaways and contests. Equipped with an underwater camera, drone, 360-degree camera, and multiple cine-cameras, we ensured a diverse range of perspectives to showcase the beauty and excitement of Abidays‘ travel destinations.

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